Our Story

Russian Hair Club is known for its deep hair expertise, with sourcing networks spanning Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe. We are a wholesale supplier to the top salons and wig shops globally. 

We provide the best quality hair bundles for extensions, wigs, and toppers. Our strict quality control assures you of consistent products from order to order.

We work closely with a top wigmaker for high-end wig shops and can deliver the hair to him directly to simplify your logistics and guarantee quality.

While Russian hair is in short supply, our long-term network remains intact, and our own employees spend hours in-country selecting the best hair.

Our best customers know we will work with them to fine-tune our hair offerings to their local tastes. You can now get the perfect range of hair options by experimenting with different lengths, volumes, and colors. We pride ourselves on reliable customer service to meet your exacting needs!