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We supply the top salons and wigmakers worldwide with the best hair for extensions, wigs, and toppers.

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Our staff spends hours - in person - selecting the best European Hair. The Hair is stored in optimal conditions, combed, and cleaned with shampoo and conditioner to preserve the natural texture.

Buy 1,2,3 or more kilos/pounds of Russian Human Hair Extensions regularly and securely by PayPal, Credit Card online in installments, or Bank Transfer. Hair is shipped globally.

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Buy securely and easily with PayPal or a credit card online. Our Staff has over 10 years of experience selecting only the best hair. We are looking for long-term stable relationships with hair salons and wig shops. We can custom-make wigs and toppers and put you in touch with top wigmaker, Yigal Karen, who handles this work for us.

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Is It Real European Hair?

100% Virgin Russian or Ukrainian Hair has a natural matte texture, and fake synthetic hair is shiny. Most websites claiming to sell Slavic hair bundles are not selling the real thing, but Indian/Remy or other Asian hair. If the hair is sold too cheap, it is a telling sign it is not European hair.

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The Mercedes of Hair

Often people contact us but say that European hair is too expensive. But just like buying a car, you can get a Ford, Mitsubishi, or a Mercedes. So we are selling the Mercedes of hair!

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Russian Hair Club

Richard Millstein-Extend USA

Maryland, USA

5 star reviews

I have been doing Hair Extensions a long time and I highly recommend the Russian Hair Club.

I came across the Russian Hair Club and purchased almost a kilo of their naturally wavy hair. I know for a fact that it is virgin hair, which means it has never been chemically treated. Once you use virgin hair, you'll never want to use anything else. I have been doing Hair Extensions for a long time, and I highly recommend the Russian Hair Club. Contact him at www.extendusa.com to learn how to make extensions!

Russian Hair Club

Rita Noreikaite-Lux Studio

London, England

5 star reviews

'Most Beautiful Hair I Have Ever Seen'

I got the hair it’s most beautiful hair I have ever seen. http://luxstudio.uk/

Russian Hair Club

Olga-West End Hair

Melbourne, Australia

5 star reviews

No risk involved, Top Quality

The hair I buy here is always top quality. I don’t, however, always like the color or texture of a ponytail I have picked out….no problem. The hair is returnable with no fees attached. This is where I buy my hair! If you are in Australia you can reach her at 0433480181.

Russian Hair Club

Clare Anderson

Brooklyn, New York, USA

5 star reviews

"I can't stop running my fingers through it!"

I got the hair last night and put it into the front of a custom hairline, it is so silky, so gorgeous! I can't see the knots and I can't stop running my fingers through it! I'm going to turn this order into some $$ and come back for a wholesale order soon! 😍