Why Slavic Hair is Superior to Asian Hair

Why Slavic Hair is Superior to Asian Hair

One of the essential things in hair extensions and wigs is the hair quality utilized.

Because of its thickness, strength, and texture, Slavic hair is frequently considered premium for these uses.

European hair tends to be straight or wavy, with a medium to coarse texture. This makes it an excellent option for hair extensions and wigs, as it can withstand shaping and manipulation.

In contrast, Asian hair is thicker and starts off black so it has to be bleached to white and then colored. Virgin hair is not colored.

Indian or Chinese hair are prone to breaking and tangling, making it more challenging to work with.

Of course, there are many various forms of Asian hair, just like there are many different types of Slavic hair. The quality of the hair will also be determined by aspects such as where it is sourced, how it is processed, and how it is cared for.

Many prefer Slavic hair's fuller, more textured feel.

To guarantee that the hair used is of excellent quality and suited for the desired style, it is critical to research and cooperate with a quality supplier.

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