Learn how to Custom Color Blend Extensions with Virgin European Hair

Learn how to Custom Color Blend Extensions with Virgin European Hair

Are you a salon owner who wants to learn how to make extensions and color blends from different hair bundles?

Russian Hair Club customer and top-level stylist Richard Millstein has developed his own method of creating hair extensions and attaching them using resin.

Millstein began his career 30 years ago with Paul Mitchell and went on to build his skills with the greats in the industry, 

Millstein says one advantage of this method is that few unused hairs must be discarded. He is developing an online course expected to launch this summer.

Learn more about Millstein's technique and get updates about the course's release and the certification it provides on his website, https://www.extendusa.com/.

"Most hair salons use Asian ready-made extensions, and they don't know that there is better hair out there. Once you have used virgin European hair from the Russian Hair Club, you won't want to use anything else," he explained.

Slavic hair is the best in the market, and learning how to prepare it into extensions is a skill not quickly learned, and those that teach it often charge extraordinary sums for a course.

So what are you waiting for? Sell the best hair on the market and differentiate yourself from everyone selling the same ready-made Asian hair. In addition, you can create an upscale salon and make high margins.

For virgin European hair such as that used by Millstein, contact us by WhatsApp by starting a chat here or through our website.

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