Hollywood Beauty Secret: Slavic Hair Extensions

Hollywood Beauty Secret: Slavic Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered why celebrities seem to have longer and more hair than ordinary women? You have probably discovered that the answer is extensions. 

Violet Teriti, also known as @chaviv_hair (314,000 Instagram followers), is the creator of the high-end, virgin Russian hair sported by numerous A-listers, according to an article by Glossy.

Teriti has been working in the hair extensions industry for over 15 years. Her major break came as an assistant to Kim Kimble, a hairstylist famed for her work with Beyoncé.

"I got into this industry because I've never had good hair. It was always my dream to have long and thick hair," said Teriti.

"[One day] I was at the salon getting my hair colored and highlighted, and I saw someone sitting next to me with short hair. … By the time they were done with my color, highlights, rinsing and blow drying, this woman was walking out with this long, beautiful hair," she added.

"Everybody would say that my installations are the best in the world. But the hair we have [in the states] is s***. My European clients would [say], 'They don't use this in Europe, they use real European, Slavic hair.'"

Kim Kardashian is not the only famous woman to use her hair. Halsey wears it in her music videos, Chris Appleton uses it on J.Lo, Megan Fox sports it on the red carpet, and the list goes on, notes the article.

"The hair can last up to three years, but the bonds need to be changed," said Teriti.

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