For Wig Shops: How to Order Bulk Slavic Hair and Make 'Israeli' Wigs?

For Wig Shops: How to Order Bulk Slavic Hair and Make 'Israeli' Wigs?

The first step is to contact us at the Russian Hair Club, preferably by WhatsApp, and select the hair you need to make wigs.

Remember that you will lose 15-20cm in length from the raw European hair bundles when making the wigs. For example, if you select hair that is 60cm in length, then the final wig should be around 40-45cm.

This is not exact as it depends on the makeup of each bundle; for example, 60cm will include many shorter hairs within it, and these need to be sorted out when making the wig. You will get the leftover hair delivered back to you, make it into wefts, or have it stored until the next round of wig-making.

After you approve of the hair you are getting, we will deliver the hair either to your factory in China, Yigal Karen, or another wig maker in Israel that works with a Chinese factory. We will put you in direct contact with the wig maker, and you will take care of the payment and exact construction of the wigs directly.

Yigal, based in Herzliya, Israel, makes wigs for many top global brands, particularly for Jewish wig shops. He says it takes around 500gr of hair to make one wig, and once you get to 3kg of hair or more, you can get three wigs per kg. For 1-2kgs of hair, you will get two wigs per kg.

Yigal takes around $200 to make a regular wig with top lace and wefts in the back and $550 for a 100% hand-tied wig without wefts. The hand-tied wig requires extensive work.

Israeli-style wigs made with our premium Slavic hair by Yigal are in high demand worldwide. They appear globally in many top wig shops.
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